Historic Waimea Theater and Cultural Arts Center(HWTCAC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide benefits to local worthy charities and non-profit groups by promoting the community of the West Kauai through a quality celebration of heritage, diversity and inclusion of its residents and visitors.

WHO benefits?

about us

HWTCAC is proud to host Waimea Town Celebration for over 43 years . Our organization is also responsible for the refurbishment and management of the nationally registered Historic Waimea Theater; provided the historical and significant cultural facts on kiosks located throughout Waimea Town and the curators of the visual prominence restoration of the Russian Fort Elisabeth/ Hawaiian Fort at Pāʻulaʻula. Our latest project provides ADA access to Hofgaard Park where we were also responsible for the installation of the Welcome Wall and performance stage for community events such as our Music in the Park series.


Waimea Town Celebration raises money for HWTCAC projects like the Historic Waimea Theater and the continued restoration of the Hawaiian Fort at Pāʻulaʻula.  Non-profit organizations and community groups such as our local schools, hula hālau, canoe clubs and sports teams also have the opportunity to raise money, and for many, this is their largest fundraiser for the year.

RAIN OR SHINE, join us and become a part of our commUNITY tradition!